Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1/7 Captain Liliana -FINISHED-

Well, my little ECU pirate is FINALLY finished.  She took a lot of work but in the end, I am totally happy with her!  She is definitely my new favorite figure on my shelf.  So without further ado, meet DeeDee!  Click for larger pictures.

Title:        DeeDee, the ECU Pirate
Scale:       1/7
Medium:   Acrylics, pastels
Method:    Airbrush, hand painting

Sailing, sailing...Go Pirates!

WIP - Kitty Girls

Because I am a rather impatient and attention span challenged person, I have to occupy my time with something else in between paint coats on the Angel.  So in the meantime, I shall prep my next project! 
Next on my table is a pseudo diorama of adorable itty, bitty, kitty girls! 

The six piece set of little kitties are on their way here, but in the mean time, I can work on the bigger kitty girl.  But trust me, she might be bigger than the other six, but she's still TINY, the smallest kit I've worked on to date.  She fits in the palm of my hand!

Yep, that's pretty small.  Overall she is a pretty good cast, not much in the way of sanding except for where the pour tabs were.  Her parts break down for her upper body is a bit...well, strange to me though ...

As you can see, the parts don't line up very well.  Which means...putty ...

Have I mentioned how much I hate puttying?  Well, let me say again, for the record...


...Right, sorry you had to see that.  Well, I put my own hatred to the side for the good of the figure, and puttied that gap between her shoulders.

And then, me and my clumsy self, broke her right ear as I was cutting the tab off, and lost the piece .  Time for a little sculpting.

After the epoxy putty cured, I sanded it down to refine the shape.

Good as new!  Or at least as close as it will get.  She is ready for primer now though, so off I go to prime her !

...Or not, stupid tropical storm...

More on these little girls later.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

WIP - 1/7 Captain Liliana, Pt. 2

-blows dust off blog-

I haven't abandoned it I swear!

Sorry that it's been a bit, but the weather is warmer and I like to play outside in the dirt and plant things!  And I've had some presents in the form of watercolors to do...but no more!  On to the figure painting! 

Back to DeeDee, who has been a thorn in my side the past bit.  So many friggin' ruffles!  Who's idea was it to put so many ruffles on a pirate kit?  Pirates aren't frilly and fancy ...ok, maybe in the world of anime they are, but still.

I have to admit, I am a bad WIP record-keeper, I was so caught up in painting her, I didn't take many pictures... .  I will be better though!  I now have a Post-it note on my desk reminding me to take pictures next time.  But for now I'll share what I have.

First off, the base.  I wanted to look kind of pirate-ish, so I decided to do wooden planking for it!  I got some wide popsicle sticks and cut the ends off to make them square (or rectangle, however you prefer to look at it, they aren't rounded off anymore is my point!)

Next I glued them to my wooden base.

Finally I stained the top of it a dark walnut color, and painted a black border.  I dotted black marks at the end of each plank for nails.

Sealed it flat, and I have a boat deck! Sort of...anyways, I painted DeeDee's outfit to match PeeDee's:  purple coat, yellow skirt.  I ended up having to handpaint the ungodly amount of ruffles .  That was frustrating.

I decided to paint her eyes a bright green to make them stand out against all of that purple and yellow.  Took about six tries, but I finally got them to look good, and the same size and shape for once .

Yep, I'm happy with that face!  But, unfortunately, that's all the pictures I have!   

She is now finished and put together, but they will come in a couple of days in another post!  Until then, time to move on to another figure...and actually take in-progress pictures and not be lazy .  More later!