Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1/8 Sailors Neptune and Uranus -FINISHED-

Holy cow, I didn't realize it had been


since I had posted!  Geez, horrible, no good, very bad Setsuna!  BAD I SAY!

Ahem...anyways, finally some pics of the Senshi that were commissioned way back when.  Now, granted I did finish these ladies a while back, I just haven't taken the time to update things.  But no more, I shall get better about that now! 

I am proud to say that my customer was ecstatic with the final results when she received them though.  And if my customer is happy, then so am I!  So here they are in all of their shiny glory!

Title:        Sailors Neptune and Uranus
Scale:       1/8
Medium:   Acrylics, pastels
Method:    Airbrush, hand painting