Sunday, May 18, 2014

WIP - 1/5 Super Sailor Chibimoon: Prepwork, Pt. 1

I know, I know...It's been a while.  But...

There has been lots going on, some personal things, I won't get into it...yet.  One big thing I discovered is to blame, but I'll rattle on about it later.  Though there has been another rather annoying inconvenience I shall mention now:  

I lost my camera .

Yes that's right. My camera, which is sort of vital to the whole WIP/Completed GK gallery type thing, vanished.  I could not find this stupid thing anywhere for the past few months. I practically turned my house upside down, and my parent's house since that is where I do my blog updates at the moment.  Then I finally needed to take out my trash in my crafting laboratory a few days ago...

I was looking around for the lid to my airbrush and decided to check my trashcan for it before I took it out. I found the lid near the top, then thought "You know, this is the one place I haven't looked for my camera..." So I dug all the way almost near the bottom and guess what? 

There it was...covered in paint

 I suspect monkey cat shenanigans are to blame, since I sometimes set it on a table nearby. Why I didn't think to look there sooner I don't know, if you can't tell I can be scatterbrained at times. Luckily the camera itself is ok, I just have a colorful new case. 

OoOoOo Pwetty! @_@

So, today shall be a REAL update (albeit a short one), with REAL WIP pics of a REAL commission I am working on.  I'll give you a moment to allow that revelation to sink in...


Ready now?  Good, here we go!  My new commission is THIS Super Sailor Chibimoon!

Chibimoon isn't my favorite Senshi, but this particular Chibimoon figure is one I have wanted to work on for a long time.  I love the pose, and I also love how big she is!  She will stand at 26cm tall when I'm finished, which is just over ten inches!  And that's not including the base!!  I love working on big kits !!! 

As an added treat, my customer would like her painted manga style, like this:

In the name of the Moon...!

Oooo should be fun!  More about how she will be painted later, I need to get her to that point first.  So onto prepwork, ROUND 1 !

Here's her pieces parts, cleaned and tabs mostly cut:

 "I have random body parts laying around my house" is quite the conversation killer.

Did I mention that she's big?  Those squares on the cutting mat are inch squares to help you visualize a bit better.  I have a hard time believing that she's just a 1/5, I think she's closer to a 1/4.  Here's a comparison shot with a 1/6 (middle) and a 1/8 (far right) Chibimoon I have:

 Big Chibimoon is big O_O;

Now granted, there is no set guide for figure scale; you can have the same character done by two different sculptors or companies that can both claim the same scale but be completely different in size.  But I still believe the far left Chibimoon is closer to a 1/4.  Which works out great for my customer since they also have a 1/4 Super Sailor Moon in progress.  They will look great together if I can manage to pull this off, so here goes nothing!

First, some initial problems.  Her back bow tails arrived broken.

Dang it...

Luckily it broke right where the two halves connect, so it will be mostly hidden under the actual bow.  I'll have to pin it to stabilize it.

I also broke her bangs while test fitting.  I don't think this is entirely my fault; upon closer inspection, it looks like the workshop broke them first, then glued them back.


The shiny stuff you see to the right of the break is glue.  I hate when they do that.  Shouldn't be hard to fix though.  Also had some oversanding issues as well, like this.


Seriously, why do the workshops do this?  I would MUCH rather deal with seams and crap myself than for them to go all grind-happy with their Dremels and whatnot.  I can assure you, it doesn't help; in fact, makes for more work for the builder !  But I digress...

I sanded down the places where the tabs were and started pinning to test for fit.  Fit was ok, had some gaps to fix.  A small one with her leg:

Fun with epoxy putty.

And a somewhat larger one at her neck:

 More fun with epoxy putty.

There was also one between her torso and skirt, which is a common problem with Sailor Moon kits.  I'm still fiddling with that one. 

That's all the pics I have for now.  I've gotten so terrible at forgetting to take pics as I go along.  I had to make a sign to remind myself to do it...

Is it subtle enough?  I don't think it's subtle enough...

But now that the epoxy putty has cured, tube putty and lots of sanding are on the agenda for this week.  I'm also wrapping up a personal build to make way for Chibimoon, though I will wait and do one big post about it when I'm done, which should be in a few days.  Until then, I leave you with this little preview from several weeks ago:

Can you guess who it is, can you guess???

 Until then, happy building !