Monday, June 23, 2014

WIP - 1/5 Super Sailor Chibimoon: Prepwork and Painting, Pt. 2

Aaaannnnd here we go again!

Chibimoon is proving to be quite the challenge due to her casting.  Remember how I stated in my previous post that she wasn't the best in the world?  Yeah...about that...


All that red stuff you see is putty...That's right.  P-U-T-T-Y. 

Seriously...WTF happened in this this workshop?   Puttying isn't something I mind too much, but this amount of flaws and crap is just unreal.  I could rant on and on about this, but I'll spare you.

Anyways, I did an initial coat of primer to check for flaws and such I missed after round numero uno of prepwork.  Turns out I missed quite a bit.

Repaired some more seams and areas where the putty didn't stick in the guidelines.

 Fixed a small gap between her torso and skirt.

 Seriously, it looked like someone friggin' chewed on her bangs o_O;

I went ahead and ground out her eyes as well, they were bugging me.  I should have done that in the first place but oh well.  I sculpted some side curls to go near her ears like in all of the manga references.  I have to say, they turned out rather cute !


And after one more round of primer, she is ready to paint!


Started with some clear parts first.  I mixed up a bit of Future Floor Wax and Pearl-Ex powder in Pink Gold.  Here's the results on her back bow tails!

Oooo shiiiinyyyy @_@

As you can see, it is pink at some angles, and gold in others.  But what is really cool is that the clear parts are still clear as well.  I LOVE THIS STUFF !

Next is the base skintone, which is on the pale side.

 Looks like me in the winter...

Then I added some shading.

 Looks like me in the winter after I attempt self-tanner...

Time for Chibimoon to get her hair did!

I laid a pale pink base coat, followed by some shading in a slightly darker pink.  After that I shaded the deepest areas with pastels, and highlighted with a pearl pink. 


Looks odd as is, but once I seal it with a matte sealer, it will cut the metallic look down a bit.  In fact, you may not see it at all unless the light hits it just right.  And with that, hair and skin are complete!

She looks a tad creepy...

So now you have been caught up to where I am currently.  Next up on the to-do list is her outfit, accessories, and face! 

Oh, and her base.  Which shall be interesting.  I won't say exactly what I have in mind yet, but I will tell you it involves this stuff...

-insert mad scientist cackle-

Next post coming soon!