Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Alice & Sokrates -FINISHED-

Christmas present number three!!!  This figure is called "Alice and Sokrates Lil' Chief" because I painted the kitty to look like my grandpa's little buddy.  I also tried a new skin method for her that I think turned out rather well, you will definitely be seeing more of it on future projects!  Enjoy and click for larger pictures!

Title:        Alice and Sokrates

Scale:       Non

Medium:   Acrylics, pastels
Method:    Airbrush, hand painting

1/1 Snow-Sugar -FINISHED-

Second Christmas present post! I painted this little cutie for my aunt.  The base (as well as the little bunny tail on her hat) is made of fake snow paint.  Enjoy and click for larger pictures as usual!

Title:        Snow-Sugar
Scale:       1/1
Medium:   Acrylics, pastels
Method:    Airbrush, hand painting


SD Suiseiseki -FINISHED-

First post of Christmas presents!  This cute little girl is called Suiseiseki from an anime called Rozen Maiden.  I painted her for my grandma in her favorite colors:  pink and lime green .  I also made the base with some railroad miniature stuff to give her a flower garden since my grandma loves flowers.  Enjoy and click for larger pictures!

Title:         SD Suiseiseki
Scale:         SD Version
Medium:     Acrylics, pastels
Method:     Airbrush, hand painting


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIP - Non-Scale Blue Dragon

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm terrible.  But this pesky thing called "life" has been getting in the way of my figure building dang it ...

 There will be lots of new figure pics coming though, as I am in a sort of Christmas rush right now trying to finish some up as gifts (though there won't be much if anything in the way of WIPs though; if you see something and you want to know about it however, I'd be more than happy to explain it).  

So brace yourselves; tons of figure posts are coming! 

Anyways, Blue is almost done though!  So onto some pics !

I've been painting him when I get sick of prepping and puttying the other figures, which if you read my blog sort of regularly, you know that's something I hate to do .  I decided to do his belly a light purple and shade with some darker purple. Wasn't sure about it at first, but I think it's coming together.  Very oceanic looking really.

He needed some darker purple shading in some deeper places, so I added some and painted his ridge/sail turquoise.

Then to make it more interesting, I shaded at the base with navy, added some light purple, then tipped it in a bit of lime green. Next I painted the spines and bigger scales.

He's starting to look a bit like a peacock to be honest , but I'm such a sucker for bright, pretty colors that I could care less  .  I shaded the scales with pastels and highlighted with some Pearl-Ex powders after this pic was taken.

Next up, his feet.  I painted a gradient of purple on his feet, and painted his talons a charcoal gray (pic is pre-shading/highlighting).

The claws will be sealed semi-gloss when I'm done. I started on the wings too, painting them the same as his belly (pic is pre-shading).

All that's left is his head and tail now, which I'm trying to figure out how I want to do exactly . I will be spraying some Future in a few places to make them glossy like he just came out of the water and such, but the next post about Blue will be when he is DONE!  Until then, I have more Christmas presents to paint and post later.  I promise it won't be three months until my next post though, maybe Santa will bring me a new laptop to guarantee it !

Hmm, think I shall write him a letter to ask...

"Dear Santa,
     Let me explain...."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WIP - Non-Scale Blue and Red Dragons

Here we go again, more progress with my dragons! 

So I finally got them primed and ready for painting.  I know my color schemes may seem a bit odd because of how bright they are, but I have a perfectly good explanation!  I want them to really stand out on a shelf first of all.  And second of all, dragons are naturally charismatic creatures;  they have kind of a deadly beauty about them, something akin to a large jungle cat like a tiger.  So they will be a bit on the bright side as far as their color schemes.  

Besides, it's a friggin' dragon, why should they care what they look like?  Would you want to walk up to a dragon and say "I find your appearance an eyesore really, can you tone it down a bit."?  Yeah, I certainly don't; but if you insist, you go have fun with that.  I'll have my broom and dustpan handy to sweep up what's left of you after the dragon snorts a fireball in your general direction ...

Anyways, on to the painting.  I shall start with Red.  I first laid down a bright-ish red basecoat.

It looks pink, but it's the same red I used on Psylocke's base if you want to check it out.  Next I shaded with a darker red.  I took some pieces outside to try and capture the color a bit better.

That's more like how the color looks in reality.  I then mixed up a darker green to use in some of the deeper areas to push them further back.  But why green you ask?  Black is darker than green isn't it ?  Allow me to impart a mini art lesson ...

Yes, I could use black, but my experience in watercolors won't let me.  Black is such a dead color and shadows look more interesting when you combine different colors instead.  Since green is the compliment to red, they will sort of "clash" for lack of a better word and make a darker and more interesting shadow than if I used black.

So here we go, before green:

And after green:

See?  It looks better than if it were just black .  The last step for the scaly skin is highlighting.  Since I'm aiming for a fiery look to go with the lava base, I highlighted the high areas with orange.

And his skin is done!  Now for a little progress with Blue.

First some progress with his base.  I used some heavy acrylic gel medium to make some ripple wave type things.  After it dried, I drybrushed some white on them.

And the base is done!  Onto Blue himself!  I first painted a bright blue as a basecoat for his skin.

I then shaded with a navy blue...

Aaannnd, that's about where I'm at, because I ran out of navy blue paint .  Dang it, that would be about my luck.  More coming soon though I promise!