Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIP - PKKING's Elf and Unicorn

Well, here we are again, time for another WIP.  This one though, is special, an awesome original sculpt by PKKING:  Elf and Unicorn!

I think it's based on some concept art from Lineage II, but I'm not totally sure.  At any rate, I'm such a sucker for unicorns so this is a grail kit for me !!  Now to begin work...

It had some pretty bad seams all over the place, but nothing my Xacto knife and sandpaper couldn't handle.  There was also a lot of air bubbles all over the base.  Luckily it's so textured it wasn't a big deal to fix.

I didn't like the unicorn's original straight horn, so I carved it into a spiral one.  Looks much better I think.

After fixing all the flaws and mods, I washed the parts again to get rid of the dust.  Though it made me realize,"Boy that's a lot of pieces" !

Yeah, this is gonna take a while.  Not only because of the pieces but the detail on it all.  Not complaining though, it is a beautiful kit.  So I got it primed, that took forever because the resin is gray and I was priming with white. I guess I could have used a gray primer but I'm using so many bright colors I figured white would be better.

 All the painted versions of this I have seen are set in springtime with a pretty blonde elf.  But following the crowd is so overrated, so I must be different  !  Therefore, it shall be an autumn scene, just makes sense because of all the leaves everywhere.  The elf will also have black hair instead of typical blonde.  Not much choice in the unicorn's color, but I like the idea of white so whatever.

The past few days however, have been nothing short of annoying  !  Why you ask?  The base.  Because of the autumn theme I've chosen, I had to hand paint a lot, because it just didn't make sense to mask all that off to airbrush.  More than a lot actually. More along the lines of every...Single...Friggin...Leaf.... ...

I don't have the patience for that, this is why I got an airbrush for this silly hobby, dang it!  I managed to push through and get it painted though.

After that, I...wait, why is there an onion in the middle of my base ?

Ok that's...strange...Anyways, I must say it is a pain to get into all those little nooks and crannies with paint. I already bent the tip of a paint brush trying to reach some of those white places  .  I eventually gave up though, just too many of them.  I shaded some of the leaves with pastels, but not all of them because the pastels wouldn't show up on the darker colors. Then I sealed it, and did a burnt umber oil wash over the whole thing.

And here's after it's dried for a day...

 I like how it turned out, looks fairly nifty .  I started work on the unicorn next, I want a white unicorn but not a stark white one because it would look weird.  So I airbrushed a very light gray, then shaded with a little darker gray and highlighted with white.

By the way, there are many things I don't understand about this figure (moreso the pic it's based on, but same thing really). Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful and I LOVE it because it has a unicorn  , but some things are just weird. Like this...what is this???

Everywhere I've seen this figure it is painted like the mane, but it doesn't look like it with it, and its not part of the blanket sooo...WTH?  It boggles my mind because I dunno how to paint it   .  Also what's with the little wings that go right next to it? Is it because the main wings are too small to support its weight in the air?  Or is the unicorn's butt just so fat that it needs three pairs of mini wings to help keep it aloft when it flies?   And why only one shoe for the elf?  In the concept art she is sitting beside some kind of body of water, so maybe it fell off and floated away?  I dunno, just a tad strange to me....

Anyways time to paint some of the other base stuff.  There are no less than thirty one flowers for this thing.  THIRTY ONE!!!  They wouldn't paint themselves , so I started by painting the stems.

 Now to start...ok seriously?  Where did my paint brush go?  Did it sprout legs and run off or something??

I hate when I keep losing things on my desk, it's annoying, and kinda hard to paint without a brush .  Guess I'll airbrush the flowers then...

What is with all the stupid onions everywhere??!!

It's not an onion...

I hate onions, seriously.  Of all the things...


Ok, who...what the heck is going on here?


Who are you?

You mean to tell me you like all these figure kits and stuff and you don't know who I am?  I'm only one of the most popular characters in Japan, dummy!

Not what I meant, I kno...


...Right, but I mean why are you here?

You're the one who bought me, how should I know?

No, why are you HERE, in the middle of my work?

I was wondering what you were taking pictures for?

To entertain all five people who read my blog, now...

What's a blog?

Something bored people use to document their boring lives to entertain other bored people...

I thought that's what Facebook was for?

Ok, you know what Facebook is but not a...never mind, will you stop with the random oni-, I mean leeks, already?  I have enough to do without you bugging me.


And I'm trying to work so...

But I want a blog!

 ENOUGH!  Back to your case!! 


My apologies, I have recently started a Nendoroid collection, and they seem to have a mind of their own ...

ANYWAYS, back to what I was doing, which is painting flowers.  I researched fall flowers and and found some colors to use.

And that's about how far I have gotten.  Miku's interference has not helped with progress here today it seems.  If she will leave me alone long enough, I will hopefully post more in a few days  ...