Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WIP - Non-Scale Blue and Red Dragons

Here we go again, more progress with my dragons! 

So I finally got them primed and ready for painting.  I know my color schemes may seem a bit odd because of how bright they are, but I have a perfectly good explanation!  I want them to really stand out on a shelf first of all.  And second of all, dragons are naturally charismatic creatures;  they have kind of a deadly beauty about them, something akin to a large jungle cat like a tiger.  So they will be a bit on the bright side as far as their color schemes.  

Besides, it's a friggin' dragon, why should they care what they look like?  Would you want to walk up to a dragon and say "I find your appearance an eyesore really, can you tone it down a bit."?  Yeah, I certainly don't; but if you insist, you go have fun with that.  I'll have my broom and dustpan handy to sweep up what's left of you after the dragon snorts a fireball in your general direction ...

Anyways, on to the painting.  I shall start with Red.  I first laid down a bright-ish red basecoat.

It looks pink, but it's the same red I used on Psylocke's base if you want to check it out.  Next I shaded with a darker red.  I took some pieces outside to try and capture the color a bit better.

That's more like how the color looks in reality.  I then mixed up a darker green to use in some of the deeper areas to push them further back.  But why green you ask?  Black is darker than green isn't it ?  Allow me to impart a mini art lesson ...

Yes, I could use black, but my experience in watercolors won't let me.  Black is such a dead color and shadows look more interesting when you combine different colors instead.  Since green is the compliment to red, they will sort of "clash" for lack of a better word and make a darker and more interesting shadow than if I used black.

So here we go, before green:

And after green:

See?  It looks better than if it were just black .  The last step for the scaly skin is highlighting.  Since I'm aiming for a fiery look to go with the lava base, I highlighted the high areas with orange.

And his skin is done!  Now for a little progress with Blue.

First some progress with his base.  I used some heavy acrylic gel medium to make some ripple wave type things.  After it dried, I drybrushed some white on them.

And the base is done!  Onto Blue himself!  I first painted a bright blue as a basecoat for his skin.

I then shaded with a navy blue...

Aaannnd, that's about where I'm at, because I ran out of navy blue paint .  Dang it, that would be about my luck.  More coming soon though I promise!

Monday, September 17, 2012

WIP- Non-Scale Blue and Red Dragons

Look at this, I'm on a role here with the blogging: two posts in three days!  I totally deserve a cookie ...

Anyways, the next two figures I shall build and paint pretty much at the same time since they are so similar.  What are they?  Well like my last post said, they are scaly with wings.  And they have some pretty scary breath (not like in the morning when you forgot to brush your teeth after you nommed on a clove of garlic smothered in onions before bed type breath, but more like the make you extra crispy and tasty with ketchup kind of breath ) !



I got them about a week ago and just couldn't stand it;  my fingers were itching to work on them because they look really cool. They are realistic dragons (well, as realistic as if dragons were really real), so that will be somewhat of a challenge but I say "Bring it on, I'm ready !"

I cut the tabs, washed them, and pinned them for a test fit.  Some gaps in some places but it's overall not too bad, a bit of Milliput fixed them right up.  They are a decent size too.  And made of a soft, mythical white resin that I have only heard praised and whispered about in awed tones while perusing some figure forums from time to time .

This dragon shall be a blue dragon:

 And this one shall be a red dragon:

Yep, now you can see why I'm so excited to work on them, they are so friggin' cool !

I went ahead and put some of the pieces permanently together for easy of puttying, like Blue's tail for example.  It was shorter than I thought it would be, but should be ok.  I actually kind of like it better than a longer snakey tail.

While I'm sanding the putty in the gaps and pieces, I started working on the bases, they will be pretty different and more involving than anything I've done as of yet.  They will be more of a diorama type setting so time to flex those creative brain muscles of mine and plan them out ...

The blue dragon will be on a water type base, much like in the example pictures I've seen, I think it fits really.  So first I hollowed out my circle base with my handy dandy Dremel, and painted it with a bunch of different blues to look like water, and sealed it with some Future.

But wait!  Not done yet.  Next I mixed up some clear resin, and poured into the base.

It's still curing right now, but when that's done, I'll add some little waves to it.  Picture a helicopter hovering over water and you'll get the idea I'm aiming for .

Next for Red's base.  I'm going to try and build a kind of volcano type setting.  The square he's pictured on was a bit too small for what I had in mind so I put him on a rectangle instead.  I mapped out some lava flows and where he will sit (the three dots you see are his points of contact with the base).

Now comes the part where I carve out the channels, which is where I'm at now. It's supposed to be rainy the next couple of days so it may be a bit before I can finish it (want to avoid all that dust in the house) or get to prime the dragons!  Boo, I don't know what I'll do with myself in the meantime .  Guess I could clean my desk, but a clean workspace is just totally overrated...

More to come !

Saturday, September 15, 2012

WIP - 1/8 Psylocke

I know, I know, it's been a while sorry!  Life has gotten in the way, but no more!  Onto the next project !

This project is for a very special "customer" of mine; he is, in fact, the sponsor for my various artistic addictions and has asked me very nicely if he could have a figure to show off.  Well sure!  I mean, I would like to still be able to buy figures somewhat freely so I must keep my sugar da....erm I mean, "customer", happy !

So the figure I've been asked to paint up is none other than his favorite female X-Men character:

That badass looking chick is none other than Psylocke.  I don't know much about her, but from what I've read and been told she seems very much how she looks !

Got her all prepped and primed.  Not a terrible cast, but not great either.  The thing that bugged me most was her leg bands; they weren't straight at all.  I totally suck at carving so I just filled them with putty and will paint the bands on.

Decided on a candy effect for her outfit, so first I sprayed a layer of chrome paint, then shaded with some black.

Next I airbrushed a layer of transparent blue.

Looks rather nifty I think !  Especially the legs...

Hindsight being 20/20, I probably should have painted her skintone first but oh well.   While I'm waiting on her outfit to fully cure, I went ahead and painted the base.  My "customer" did not like the base she came with and opted for something simpler since she is a simple figure, a more traditional X-Men logo.  I smoothed my base then painted it black.  After that, I masked off the "X" and painted around it a bright red and gave it some darker red shadows.

It looks pink in the picture but that will change in a second.  I masked off the background and highlighted the "X", then painted the rim gunmetal, because I didn't like the idea of yellow .  Sealed it gloss and it is done!

My "customer" says he loves it, and I'm rather proud of how it turned out too. I almost don't want to drill for screws!  All that's left are her swords, hair, and skintone.  And a post of my next two projects, of a large scaly variety with wings, coming in a couple days!

Stay tuned ...