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*New commissions are currently CLOSED at this time.  Stay tuned to my Facebook page and Twitter for updates on open slots!*


If you like my work here with my pretty figures, then you can now have a figure of your very own!   I am now accepting commission work, so I can paint a figure for you to your specifications (no mecha/robots).

Here is a basic idea of my fees (does NOT include the price of the kit):  
     1/8 or smaller:  $175
     1/7 scale:  $200
     1/6 scale:  $225
     1/5 scale or larger:  $250 & up
These prices are merely estimates.  Therefore, bear in mind that the initial quote given may change once I have the kit in my possession and can inspect the casting quality and complexity of the build first hand.   Please be understanding and prepared for such a change should it occur.

Each figure comes with a stained, wooden base if one is not included with the kit.  Anything more than that (painted or built), will cost extra to account for time and supplies.

I require half of the final price up front before I begin work, and half upon completion.  I only accept Paypal for payments at this time.  Customers are also responsible for all fees associated with Paypal, shipping and customs.

Please do not hesitate to email me with questions and inquiries at anytime at and I will respond as soon as possible.

You can also keep up with my projects and contact me via other social media:

Thank you for considering me and my work, and have an awesome day !

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